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Propane Depot upholds the highest standards personally and in the interest of the safety of the general public in the sale, use and transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas also known as LPG or Propane.

Family owned and operated since 1994, we provide propane delivery and service to thousands of residential customers within our 11 county area which includes San Antonio, Boerne, Bandera, Castroville, Pearsall, Dilley and Cotulla. Customers can call in as they need propane and order a specific amount 100 gals up to 1000 gals for a delivery and/or we can routinely check a customer tank and "Keep it Full". This is what we call a Keep Full Customer.

We also have many commercial businesses we visit each week and 100's of commercial propane applications we service annually.
We install propane tanks and propane systems for new homes, existing homes, customers looking to purchase their own tanks and to get away from rental tanks, tanks for pool heaters, tanks for green houses, animal barns, quail farms, use on farms, ranches, hunting cabins, restaurants of all sizes and tanks for roofing companies doing large roofing jobs.

First and foremost, we are a service company. Many propane delivery companies are just that, they deliver propane. Most of the our deliveries are made the same day you call or the next day. Personal attention is given to our long time customers that let us keep their tanks from never running out. We design and install propane systems. We are licensed to inspect and repair propane systems and we are fully insured.

You may be able to find propane cheaper by the gallon but you will not get the services we offer. Our customers are our first priority. Out of gas calls are handled immediately. We have a 24 hour answering service and we are always on call.

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